Thursday, November 17, 2016


It is only natural for humans to be anxiety stricken. At least at times. It is not so terrible for us to be that way, but it does work against us. When we become anxiety stricken we actually limit the work that the subconscious mind can do to produce the results we want. Hexagram five gives us some insights into the way the universe works. Of course, if you believe that we are here by a random accident, then nothing that is said henceforth will have any real meaning for you. But if you think otherwise, then the following message may make sense to you.

Hexagram five gives us some interesting feedback on how the universe works, and some of the metaphysical laws that apply. The hexagram carries the connotation both of 'waiting,' and 'nourishing.' But nourishing is something we do while we wait. And waiting is something we do while we nourish. Other hexagrams explain to us the importance of nourishing ourselves until we are ready to complete a project. Here we nourish ourselves while waiting to complete a project.

 But there is something novel here. There is something that is a key to how we handle our own destiny, and how we compose ourselves while we re waiting for our destiny to be revealed. Perhaps the simplest way of expressing that key is 'confidence.' But confidence has to be built on something. It cannot be just there without anything to back it up, otherwise we delude ourselves.

So where does this confidence come from? It comes from a plain and simple understanding of the nature and the laws of the universe and how they work. It is not a simple matter of blind confidence, but an inner knowing that we are in alignment with universal principles, and law. We know that we receive that which we greatly desire as long as it is in alignment with our destiny. The universe bends its will to ours when we bend our will to it. And when we do bend our will to the will of the universe, and follow the T'ao, so to speak, we find that "fate is favorable." When we are in alignment with the will of the universe we cannot be stopped, not because we are so great, but because the universe itself is. The T'ao is favorable. All great religions have taught this, but the idea has been glossed over and lost sight of through the centuries. The text says, "If we are sincere, we have light and success." Do we really believe this? /It also says we have "the inner certainty of reaching the goal." If this is true then we can be calm and relaxed regardless of our outer conditions. For we know that although the sea seems mighty rough at the moment, things are exactly as they need to be, and nothing can stop us from reaching the ultimate goal.

Hopefully more on this later.

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