Sunday, November 13, 2016

Seeing with Rose Colored Glasses

Having received hexagram twenty one a few times lately, I thought I would spend a little more time getting familiar with the inner meaning. For as those who have followed this blog know, I am not so much into doing "readings" as I am finding out the esoteric and more spiritual meanings of the hexagrams, and how they relate to my life, and how they can teach me.

I find that in Carol Anthony's books she has put together a very nice detailing of some meanings of hexagram twenty one. Therefore I cannot say too much because it would appear I were copying her work. The only thing about Carol Anthony's work is that I think she puts a little too much emphasis on "our inferiors," and yet not really. I would just describe it a little differently.

Here is the thing about hexagram twenty one. It talks about laws and punishments, but who is punishing who and why, and how much? For what? Well, one thing Carol Anthony says is, "it is not our job to punish, that is a job for the Cosmos." But often, many people, many immature, surmise that the meaning is that there is a God up there who strikes us down out of anger when we doing something He doesn't like. This is a misunderstanding. Punishment fits the crime, and it is not dished out by anyone, but the laws of the universe, (just like the laws of gravity) are inclined towards a "what goes around comes around" nature.

But why laws? Isn't the universe just the result of a big bang, by accident, and people just the result of an accidental coming together of chemicals which create consciousness? Well, that is what a lot of people believe. But they are wrong. And I say that as matter of factly as I can. They are wrong. Period. End of discussion. It isn't one belief versus another, it is truth versus fiction. I can't stress that enough.

So the universe has natural laws associated with it, no different than the law of gravity. But gravity has a purpose. In the same way the laws of karma have a purpose. These laws are long term and often involve multiple lifetimes so it seems to us in our finite wisdom to not operate. But it does. And there is one goal for the laws of karma. And that is to bring about unity, love, and compassion for all creatures. Now that being said, some people do not belong together. That does not mean however, that there cannot be harmony among them, they just don't interact.

Why are we separated? One reason is we don't have the same perception of reality that our neighbors do. So we have conflict, with each person thinking they are in the right. So which one is in the right? All we have is our perceptions, but often our perceptions are faulty. So we think the other is to blame, and they think we are. Who is right and who is wrong? It appears it would be best to let the Cosmos decide. None of us have a claim on ultimate maturity. We see with rose colored glasses. As the ancient saying goes, "Now we see as in a glass darkly, but then we shall see the full light."

It is our nature, as we perceive ourselves to be in the right, to try to punish the other person. But that just comes from our ego. And it may be ourselves who are really blind to the light. So in hexagram twenty one line one, we receive a mild punishment, not to "get" us, but the punishment is simply to put us on the right path. But we will not get on that path if we do not have the ability to see our own culpability in the situation, or at the least, allow the Cosmos to inform us as to who is right or wrong. Or does it even matter? In this was, we can detach ourselves from the situation that is causing grief, and allow it to be worked out the way it is supposed to work out, and thus, finally achieving ultimate unity, or at least a "just and valid view of our fellow man." Hatred and fear are dissipated, (see hexagram fifty nine) and we achieve that which we had hoped for, or at least diminish the prospects of the situation getting worse.

There is a lot that can be said about hexagram twenty one, and hopefully more can be said soon.

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