Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Closer to the Ruler

The discussion recently has centered around the case for two (or more) levels of understanding for initiates into the sacred mysteries. We have discussed a little about the levels of initiation in Christianity, and a very little in other religions (or philosophies) that I know less about. And I am not qualified to express the meanings on the highest level of initiation. We do have, however, an example in history when things went terribly wrong with those who had secret knowledge. It appears that there are those, (and I think this is especially true in the western world, but maybe not) who are absolutely determined to keep mankind in darkness and ignorance. (Remember the snake in the Garden of Eden?) The Serpent apparently gave knowledge to mankind that he was not supposed to have yet. And the question becomes, is it best for us to have that knowledge or not? Was the supposed fall a fall upwards? or was it a fall into sin? Or perhaps we can accept the idea that it was both? At any rate, whether it is the Serpent, or the Elohim that got us into this mess, or maybe both - maybe both had a hand in our demise, and things are not as simple as they seem, we do appear to have this capacity for advanced knowledge, but it is only for a few.

It appears that a group of Knights called the Knights Templar, who were guardians for the Roman Catholic Church, found some manuscripts in Jerusalem, perhaps in underground tunnels, that gave some secrets or secret knowledge that someone didn't want us having. And when it was discovered they had it, then, I believe the year was 1307 A.D.,  and I believe Friday October 13th, the Roman Catholic Church issued an edict for their complete destruction and in France a slaughter began. Some may have escaped to Scotland, and other parts of Northern Europe, and still exist in small groups, but that is speculation as far as I am concerned. Nevertheless... (This apparently is where we get the superstition of the dangers of Friday the 13th of any month.)

At any rate, that is enough of history, there are hints in many places about a secret doctrine that exists in many religious or philosophical sects. In the I Ching there is evidence of it in many places, but one I will mention now is hexagram forty six, line four. The Wilhelm/Baynes commentary says, "One acquires fame in the sight of gods and men, is received into the circle of those who foster the spiritual life of the nation, and thereby attains a significance that endures beyond time." Those who foster the spiritual life of the nation would be those of secret orders who have a secret doctrine that goes beyond the simple understanding of the natural man.

The fourth line of any hexagram is a line that has gone beyond the natural realm and into the heavenly realm. For those who are not ready, this is dangerous, especially since this line is close to the ruler. It depends on the energy of the trigrams in a given hexagram, and the quality of the line to decide how dangerous this is. It is necessary to keep one's estate, and then move on. The fourth line is close to the ruler in the fifth line, and hence is scrutinized very closely. In hexagram forty six, however, the nature of the individual is to push upwards. But since he or she does this without antagonizing the ruler, the line is safe, and finds respect by the ruler, who "offers him mount Chi." The person has proved his or her worth, and therefore is received into the circle of those who "hold the secret doctrine." This is not necessary for everyone. Most of us do very well just to understand the I Ching on a level that helps us in our personal lives. But for some it is important to do better. As the commentary on hexagram thirty five says, "His ruler in turn is free of all jealousy, showers presents on the great man, and invites him continually to his court." There is both great responsibility and great freedom in being close to the ruler, and to the Sage.

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