Friday, September 26, 2014

The Biggest Secret

The biggest secret is that there is no secret! And yet there is. Because even though the secret is right out in the open, nobody sees it. Lao Tzu, who wrote the Tao Teh Ching said, "the best secret is one which is right out in the open." Nobody notices the obvious.

I submit that the I Ching, the Bible, and pretty much all sacred or religious books are written in code, and that while the secret is right there, we never see it. And even those who see it see it only on a lower level. By the way, there are those code breakers working for various military units around the world who have stated "I work with secret codes, I make them and I break them, and I have seen enough of them to know that the Bible is a secret code."

Well, the above is just a few statements that should be made, and perhaps not elaborated upon at this point. I suspect that the people who read the posts on this blog have a somewhat higher understanding of life and the nature of reality than those who read other things. That being said, it may be surmised that people who read these posts understand that science is not all that it is cracked up to be. Science says that there is no way that someone can consult the I Ching and get an answer that is valid. They say they have proven there is "No God, no purpose, no plan for the universe and that it is just an accident." Therefore, there can be no meaning to the I Ching, to any religious, or spiritual, or sacred document. It is just a bunch of superstition made up by ignorant people in ages past who had no science. Well, those of us that have used the I Ching know that it DOES work. If we have used it extensively we know that there is a power, and a purpose behind it. And therefore it seems to me that we have a little more savvy, a little more understanding, than those who arrogantly think of themselves as the saviors of society with their science or what have you. So, once again I say, that I believe those that come to this blog consistently probably have a little better knowledge of the world and its meaning than society at large does.

And yet, even with that, we are all deceived. For there is a dark spiritual power and spiritual force in the world that wishes for the truth to be completely washed away, and that everyone should believe exactly what the elite of the world tell them they should believe. If they say two and two equals five, we are supposed to believe it, until they say it equals three, and we believe that. And the most educated of the world are the ones that are the most inclined to follow the elite into whatever belief system they lay out for the common man. Right now it is just a matter of deceiving us. The time is coming, and has always been that way in certain countries, where we will not only be expected to believe whatever the elite want us to believe, but we will be forced to believe what they say, under penalty of death. The elite have openly stated that they intend to crush Christianity. In many countries it is being done by slaughter. It some it is being done by ridiculing anyone that would believe in Christianity. But if you are not Christian, it would not be wise to think you are safe, that you don't have to worry. Once they stomp out Christianity, you can bet they are coming after everyone else's religion or spiritual beliefs. The elite of the world believe in Lucifer, but they want the common man to believe in nothing but the material world. They want him or her to believe there is nothing spiritual at all, that there is no purpose, and we are just here by accident. Two and two equals five. It is easier to control those who fear death (because there is nothing after) than those who believe we continue in spirit or soul form.

So sometimes it is not easy for me to post here. I know what is coming. I know what lies ahead and what the plans are. Right now there are those international elite who intend to pass laws such that any website that does not tell the truth can be shut down. Sounds like a good thing, except, who decides who is telling the truth? The elite do. It is their truth (which is a lie) that they are concerned about. And it follows their plan for world domination by forcing people to believe what they want them to believe, which is a lie. I salute those who read this. I greatly appreciate the following, though not large, yet surprisingly significant (by my perspective of significance) of those who are interested in this subject.

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