Monday, April 02, 2007


Good grief Charlie Brown

There just isn't enough time for anything. I just bought a new book (my subconscious complexes are having a hey day, One belief system is saying you don't have money, time, or the need for a new book. The other is saying, you do, you do, and you do.) To make matters worse, I bought one just yesterday that is a combination of relationships, science looking at consciousness, and the male and female approach to relationships.

(I said I would do more on hexagram three, and I will, but this is as you might say, breaking news.)

Why relationships? Because it is something every one is interested in, and hopefully there are a number of people out there reading this. (Hopefully more than I think are reading it.) Once again, I do not feel qualified to talk about relationships. I have been alone most of my life, with few exceptions. I have problems carrying on a discussion if it is outside the field of metaphysics. And in order to get into relationships, a man has to be capable of not appearing interested, which is just not my style. I am what I am. (See Sun Tzu's classic, "The Art of War," and apply it to relationships.

The problem with relationships boils down, to a large extent to this. Both sexes feel they are being misunderstood, and dominated by the other sex. This is due to the fact that women feel like their emotions are not validated, and men feel like they are overwhelmed and swamped by a woman's emotions. It is a yin and yang situation, my friends, pure and simple. Yes, women, men feel dominated just as you do. Why? because women being more yin, network much more, are not so much rugged individualists, and with their feelings they cower us into a corner, afraid to come out because he will be shouted down by the collective voice of women? Are men and women both dominated? In a way, yes, and in a way no. We are because we have certain mental predispositions that lead us in certain directions without our ever realizing there is another choice. We live according to our tendencies.

Let me put it this way. A fully integrated person, a Chuang Tzu, will have integrated yin with yang. And on the personal level, he/she thinks, but thinks with feeling. Pure rationalism might work in working out a mathematical formula, but in order to conceive of the possibility of a mathematical formula, intuition and feeling must be integrated into the process. Rationalism can only carry us so far. But becoming immersed in emotionalism can lead us off the track as well. It behoves both sexes to understand this. A man needs to listen to a woman's feelings, and accept them for what they are, whether he sees the logic in them or not. This is very, very difficult, for often a woman will, when pressed to the limit fight back with extreme emotion, anger, what have you, and a man, in accordance with the laws that we live with, can do nothing, but move away from the situation. On the same level, a man must understand, and find the rationality of the emotional argument. For, for her, there is a rationality to it. It is just hard to cut to the chase sometimes, and understand what that is.

While it is true that thoughts are things, thoughts by themselves cannot create. In order to create, one must infuse the magnetic power of attraction found only, or at least much more so in emotion, (In actuality, all thoughts have some emotion attached to them.) It is emotion that creates, we just need to be careful what we create, (rationalism.) Jesus made this clear in the book of Thomas, when some of the men were upset because a woman seemingly ranked higher than them; but Jesus said, "When the male becomes female, and the male female." And in the beginning of the book of Thomas it is said, something to the effect, When one can make the inner outer, and the outer inner..." And again, "Whoever discovers the meaning of these words shall not taste of death."

Compare with the Tao Teh Ching, where it is said in chapter ten:

Comparing body and soul, and embracing the one, can you avoid separation?

Opening an closing the gates of heaven, can you play the role of women?

And they tell me Christianity is a unique religion!!!


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