Saturday, December 10, 2016

Binary Soul Doctrine

On my front page I have listed a website called, "" I used to be able, under a previous email address, to interact in email with a group of people who were into the division theory, or binary soul doctrine. Three books were written by Peter Novak, and I recommend all three of them, especially the one on the "Gospel of Thomas." Mr Novak gave up his website a few years back as I understand it, due to what he considered the lateness of the hour, and the near arrival of the great tribulation, quit promoting this work. His books are still available though. I believe you can find them on This was very disappointing. I have at times considered buying the website, but do not feel I am necessarily in a position to do so. The material was very informative. This was not about the I Ching, however, it did connect religions across the world including Taoism, and what the had to say about the soul and the spirit.

Yes, two distinct entities, both within one man, And these entities often are in conflict with one another. In other words, the conscious, and subconscious are often in conflict with each other. And as long as they are in conflict, at death, the soul and the spirit will separate, the soul being feelings, and emotions, more subconscious. The soul at death remembers who it is, but due to the loss of the spirit, no longer has reasoning power. Therefore it just dwells in its memories, feelings and emotions, which could be a heaven or a hell. Enough said about that. The spirit, the conscious mind, being disconnected from the soul, still has reasoning power, but no feeling, no emotion, and does not remember anything about its earthly life, since the soul only has memory. You may or may not find this silly. But it is something to contemplate, and more serious people, I think, will. By the way, this is coded into the Tao Teh Ching but not immediately obvious, unless one already has some advanced understanding of the Tao Teh Ching. It is a fascinating subject, and very, very important. There is much to be said about this in the Bhagavad Gita as well. Though it doesn't describe it in the exact same metaphor.

Hopefully next week I can do more I Ching. I just find it impossible to find the time for everything, and am going to have to work twenty hours a day, or let some stuff go. I can't get to it all. And as far as the I Ching goes, it is extremely difficult to decide what to write, as I do divinations to gain insight which involve the combinations of more than just one reading. Then I put the readings together to see how they work together to make a comprehensive whole. Since I am doing this on a regular basis, and so much info becomes apparent, it is very hard to decide what to write. But I was born to write, I doubt I have any other purpose in life that involves other people. Maybe I do, but we will see. Anyone, hope to have some good articles soon.

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