Monday, May 21, 2007

you seek me, you seek me not

Jesus said to the crowd, "you seek me not because you saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves and were filled."

This is ever true, yet today. We are still like the crowd. We hear about the I Ching, and about the gnostic gospels, and we are awestruck, but only in a superficial way. People flock to the sites that can give them minor insights, that cure their curiosity for a little while, the flock to the opportunity to learn a new keyword, or a little bit more about the meaning of a particular paragraph, how they can use it for divination, but when it comes to the real meat of the word, nobody wants it. This is why people do not come to my website. They want the crumbs that fall from the master's table, but they do not want the real meat. That would be asking too much. Why, they might even have to shape up their lives a little bit. Like the multitude by the sea of Galilee, they want the physical substance, but not the real food. They don't want food for the soul, only for the body. They do not think beyond this level and in fact, are not even capable of doing so. Before that happens, they must be shaken out of their lethargy, they must get a rude shock, and in hexagram 51, or as in the Tower card in the Tarot. "Give us this day our daily bread," is the disciples prayer, but most do not realize what it means to have that true bread which comes out of heaven. I suspect no one is reading this blog, but if you have been, I recommend you get down to business, quit playing, and find the meaning of "the manna that came down from heaven." Bite through to the true meaning of the word, (hexagram 21 line 4) and stop playing. Get serious.


Randy said...

I wonder if there is a way to set up a visit counter on a blog like this so that you could have some encouragement.

I really like the way you talk about christianity on the division theory site. I think you have a unique voice, with serious legs, for that particular material.

I am struggling with relating to the i ching stuff, but thats just me.

You might generate more traffic by using Google adwords - if that is a goal. Can be very cheap.

Your material may be more accesible
if you were to lead with a short key thoughtoid - then follow with detailed cater to the short attention span generation : - )

more love than you can imagine, Randy

gener202 said...

Thanks, Randy

I had given up, thinking no one was reading it at all. There are counters that could be used, but I tried one once, and before I could really check it out my free time was up.

No one responds much in division theory either. I think I did irritate a few people a while back. My methods probably did sound a little hostile to people. One guy thought I was trying to get him kicked out of the subscription, but my intention was just to wake people up and make them think.

My mind is very much on the future now, as there is much more ice melting in the artic circle and in Greenland than is being talked about in the news. So I am trying to leave, but things keep getting in the way. It is all an illusion, so in some way, I am doing it to myself. Nevertheless, since I live on the coast, it is time to move, I don't know if I will have a computer much longer, or what is happening. But I do wish I could get the message out to more people that these really are the last days, (of the Piscean Age), and society is temporarily headed for serious, very serious trouble. I have lost friends trying to get that message out though, and after a while, it begins to seem like it is not worth it.


Randy said...

Even in worst case scenarios it will take decades for there to be any increased risk of being on the coast, unless you are at 2 feet above sea level.

The melting arctic ice cover does not add to sea levels, unless it is coming off land, as it is mostly floating.

There is a website you can go to to see the effect of rising sea levels on your neighbourhood. You will have to googel for it.

God gave you three minds to work with and I am certain you have gone too far into the right hemisphere.

You need to pull out and reground yourself. Do some gardening. Get together with family and friends and pretend to be a normal person. Eat red meat.

If things are coming to an end, that is not your concern, nor should it be a worry.

Your focus should be to live the gospel.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your insights; I found your comments very interesting and helpful.

Maybe as you say lots of people aren't reading your site, but I found it and appreciate what you have to say.

gener202 said...

Thank you anonymous. I will be writing again shortly. Right now I am very very busy, as there has been a plethora of activity right now I am trying to keep up with. That follows on a personal, social, societal, planetary and solar system level.

See my next post.
Thank you for writing.